Curtainside Technology for the New Millennium

Steel CurtainsideĀ SLIDING TRAILER

Steel curtainside slide trailer

Your rugged steel curtainsideĀ sliding door trailer opens and closes in mere minutes, ready to load and unload, and eliminates traditional flatbedĀ tarping with the ease of closing the curtains.

You Can!

  • The SSI Model CS Curtainside has several exclusive features which sets it apart from the competition:
  • The Quick Closure releases to allow the curtain to be opened from either end in seconds, then when its time to close it back up it simply snaps back in place and the curtain tension is permanently set!
  • The Rolling Post supports the roof and rolls in a channel next to the curtain rollers, so it is always attached to the trailer. Simply slide it out of your way for loading and unloading and slide back into place when finished.
  • The Versa Rail is a strong 6" extruded aluminum and provides the channel for both the curtain rollers and the unique Rolling Post


  • Amazingly durable curtains made from PVC coated Polyester
  • One-piece aluminum roof
  • Swing type rear doors with standard hinges and lock rods.
  • Steel framed FRP front wall
  • The superior design and quality workmanship of the SSI Curtainside ensure that your system will be durable and reliable for many years to come.


  • Custom engineered to retrofit virtually any trailer or platform
  • Can be built even to 53' at full height
  • Curtains available in a variety of colors
  • Custom artwork available (ask about our special artwork discount)
  • Steel Formed angle kit: Our custom engineered kits can be shipped to your location for installation on existing units or newly built units.