Curtainside Technology for the New Millennium

Curtainside Specialty Units & Options

Custom curtain design

Specialty applications of curtainsides built by Sliding Systems offer many options to transportation and logistics companies needing a specialty unit customized for their specific applications in a wide variety of industries. We can take a concept sketch or idea on something as simple as a napkin or CAD drawing and build a curtainside solution that meets your needs. Sliding Systems works with all major platform and trailer manufacturers to meet your transportation needs. Need advertising added to your curtainside trailer? Sliding curtains offer you a great landscape for you to advertise on. View our specialty gallery below and see for yourself some examples of how curtainside vinyl advertising may be right for your fleet.

Industries Served

  • Wastewater treatment units
  • Oilfield service units
  • Lumber and millwork industries
  • Machinery and electronics transporters
  • Fire, rescue and emergency equipment
  • Air freight ground transportation
  • Automotive specialty transportation

Available Options Include

  • Vinyl Curtainside┬áTrailer Advertising
  • Additional rolling posts
  • Specialty cargo containment devices
  • Winch-track and sliding winches
  • Toolboxes
  • EZ 3-step ladder
  • Rear Pull Out steps
  • Hard Side offices
  • Insulated curtains
  • Interior lights
  • T-Posts and E-track
  • F-track floor & Ceiling
  • E-track front wall & doors
  • Removable center posts
  • Interior Racking
  • Side Rail Cargo containment